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Jan. 1st, 2017 05:26 pm
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  • CANON: Mob Psycho 100
  • CANON POINT: Chapter 91
  • AGE: 14
  • BIRTHDAY: May 12th
  • HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 157.7cm / 44.3kg
  • CURRENT GAME(S): [community profile] utopique, [community profile] cityofhex

  • ALIAS: Mob, White T-Poison, Lord Psycho Helmet
  • WHAT HE DOES BEST: Not sticking out
  • WHAT HE DOES WORST: Reading the mood
  • HOBBY: Watching the sky
  • FAVORITE FOOD: Milk, takoyaki, ramen
  • LEAST FAVORITE FOOD: Cilantro, shiokara
  • FAVORITE MUSIC: Cheerful sounding songs
  • GOT RECENTLY INTO: Body Improvement Club
  • CATCHPHRASE: "I don't really get it."

  • Mob has been an esper for as long as he can remember… ever since he was a small child, he has been able to bend spoons and lift objects with a mere thought, and form a barrier to keep himself safe. He used to be able to impress others with his strange power, but it quickly became an old trick, and Mob lost any sort of appeal and popularity he might have had before. An incident with his younger brother during this time impacted Mob’s life more than any moment since - he fell unconscious when being bullied by high schoolers, and woke to find that his powers had gone berserk, spilling blood of the high schoolers and of his little brother. Frightened, Mob sought guidance. His parents did not have psychic powers, his brother insisted that he was saved by Mob despite the accident, and Mob’s fears of his powers only grew.

    But then, he found a man claiming to be the century’s most talented psychic, Reigen Arataka. And Reigen Arataka placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, and confidently gave him direction.

    “Be a good person. That’s all.”

  • Kageyama Shigeo is called "Mob" by his peers because his bland face and personality makes him blend in with the crowd (bless that Japanese lack of understanding of English), and his subdued demeanor is what most people see when they first meet him. Shigeo is an emotional kid just like any other teenager, but because he makes a regular habit of tempering his emotions down, he rarely raises his voice or gets angry, and has a hard time getting along with people and understanding their interests or following the crowd's mood. He has a habit of not being in on the joke, young and socially unaware in general, and being socially outcast by his awkward behavior only exacerbates the situation. After several negative experiences, including a time when he seriously hurt some older kids, the reason he has a hard time expressing himself is because he is subconsciously very wary of his own powers and what he might do if he truly cuts loose. Even more than that, when most kids responded to his powers with wariness or disinterest, he found even less of a use for expressing them in front of people. Even without consciously thinking it, Shigeo has a hard time having a strong emotional reaction to stimuli, simply out of the complex he's built to protect himself and others.

    Despite that, Shigeo is a very sweet and compassionate young man who hates hurting other people, and yearns for friendship and even some popularity. He never holds bitter resentment towards other people for the way they mistreat him, instead often internalizing it or even simply becoming resolved to try and improve himself to suit them. He wants to help people, and he hates the idea of using his powers on other people, but he will do whatever it takes to keep his friends and family safe in an emergency. There are many situations where responsibility for the safety of strangers falls on his shoulders, which is more than most 14-year-olds can bear and often strains Shigeo to the limits of what he can emotionally endure. Nonetheless, he can and has taken those responsibilities on himself in order to do the right thing, and when facing powerful opponents, he always tries to talk them down or to disable them rather than ever doing them serious harm.

    Shigeo has always wanted to do something productive with himself, though it has taken him a long time to really understand that what he wants is to be able to do what he wants without using his psychic powers, per se. He hasn't solidly decided on what he wants to do, and he doesn't exactly hate his powers... he has joined the Body Improvement club to make up for the physical weakness he had developed from being too dependent on his psychic powers, and he has been working with his 'mentor' Reigen to seek guidance in the world. He's an impressionable kid, and consistently needs direction, which is the core of his character - he's fourteen years old, a dangerously powerful psychic, and he has literally no idea what he wants out of his life.

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Fight on, fight on, fight on!!

Do you want to feel healthier?  Do you want to run faster, or farther, or lift more weight?

Do you want to exercise, but don't like doing it by yourself?  Do you want to work hard without any judgment?

Do you want amazing muscles?  Do you want to improve yourself?

The Body Improvement Club

Contact Kageyama Shigeo (Cypress) or Hanazawa Teruki (Birch) for more information.
Remember to bring your own exercise clothes, towels, and water bottles.
All levels of fitness and experience with fitness are accepted.
This club does not condone violence or fighting in any way, shape or form.

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OOC Information

Player name: Kippie

Player age and gender: 26, female

Any other characters in game? None

IC Information

Character name: Shigeo Kageyama

Character canon: Mob Psycho 100 (manga)

Canon point: Chapter 97

Character history: Wiki link!
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Kageyama Shigeo
Canon: Mob Psycho 100

Canon Point: Chapter 91

Age: 14

Alliance: Cypress

Features: Black Shiba Inu

Notes: Mob is an extremely powerful esper. He has inside of him a huge amount of energy that he can use for things like telekinesis. If your character can sense energy in any form, Mob should be teeming with it - likewise, Mob is able to sense spirits and other espers in a similar manner, so let me know if Mob should be able to detect your character's powers.






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